Hi, I’m Tyler

I’m a shameless tab-hoarder & product designer living in Toronto 🍁

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What I Do at Work

Product design is what I do at work everyday. Sometimes that means fixing lots of small problems inside a big software app. Other times it means starting big ambitious projects from scratch. On some occasions, it means talking through problems and designing my way out of designing anything at all.

When I work, I value sketching and writing over talking in circles. I think good ideas come from different team members when they have lots of context. I care about my teammates' work, even if I don't understand all of its nuances. I think roles are a helpful way to designate accountability within teams. Making a successful product is a team sport.

What I'm Learning

Professionally, I'm drawn to the intersection of design and front-end development. I'd kept hearing how Javascript's eating the world, and how learning React can help you become better at Javascript. To find out what all the fuss is about and to level up my front-end knowledge, I've built this site using Gatsby, a static site builder that uses React, GraphQL, and server-side rendering to make the site lightning fast ⚡️. You can read more about how I export default'd my way to launching this site here.

Outside work, I keep some hobbies. I started brewing kombucha, swinging kettlebells, and writing musicß. I've dabbled in salsa dancing, sensory deprivation tanks, singing lessons, and drawing terribly. Ask me again in a month, and this list will likely be entirely different.

What This Site's About

Stories are at the heart of design, and are what connect people to common ideas, goals, and motivations. Designers help craft these stories and enable people to have new interactions and experiences. I built this site so I'd have a place to write about and share some of my own stories and experiences as a Product Designer. Through this site, maybe we can share an experience.